Royal Catacombs of Adrih

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Somewhere beneath the temple of the Shinning Lord are the catacombs of the last of the line of King Adrih. With the sacking of the temple, there has been no better time for treasure hunters to find and loot the old tomb.

Royal Catacombs of Adrih Royal Catacombs of Adrih

The catacombs themselves are partially collapsed and sections have an inch or so of stagnant water – reminders of the recent destruction of the temple above. They are guarded by otherworldly hounds locked in the last chamber behind a magical portcullis that prevents magical access through the bars – but should any portcullis in the catacombs be damaged, the magic is broken on all and the hounds are released.

The main tomb in the middle of the structure doesn’t contain the last of the Adrih line, but is in fact the brother of the last king. The inside of the lid of his sarcophagus…

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