Dungeoneering in its purest form


After our second Dungeons & Dragons Online session, I decided I should post a few of my screenshots of the more interesting places and sights we’ve seen. Our characters are level 8.4 (two ranks or ‘pips’ out of 5 towards 9), almost as high as the highest character I ever had back when I first played the game. My original Paladin made 9 just, but did so with my then guild on the EU server Keeper. That guild usually wanted to spend an entire evening running a single series of quests that were close together within the virtual world of Stormreach, and that had a thematic theme. There was an efficiency in running all of the Delera’s Tomb series, or the Splinterskull series – your choice of weapons would be effective against all the opponents for instance.

For this free to play run of what is new content to us…

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