Underappreciated Games – Nintendo Wii

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Due to the vast expanse of games to choose from in nearly any gaming console, there’s unfortunately, always going to be games that get overlooked and/or neglected. I was recently thinking about the Wii and for what a successful console it was for Nintendo in terms of sales, and yet it seems it’s large library of games went largely ignored or dismissed as being merely shovel-ware, games hastily made and implemented with rudimentary motion controls existing only to capitalize on the successful sales of the console. Given the success of the Wii and it’s innovative motion controls with generally more casual gamers, many quickly disregarded the console’s library of games as nothing but a few Mario games alongside countless collections of half-baked mini games(there were a LOT of those, to be fair). The popularity(at the time) of Mii-centric mini game collections such as Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Wii Party…

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