The Life of a Game Designer – Part 2: The Hunt for Nicole Amato

Game Night Blog

 Without a paddle, I embark on a new journey down the river of life. 

For 50 years I have been adrift through life. I’ve managed to stay afloat and keep my head above water, but often I feel like I’m just treading water. But a tremendous wave of change is looming and I am unable to alter its course. I must simply ride the swell until it abates and deposits me on a brand-new shore. I just pray I don’t get swept away in the process.

It is 5am on Sunday, December 8th, 2019. Not a day that will live in infamy, but certainly a date that I will never forget. There are but a few moments in life that will completely alter your destiny. I don’t mean the standard big moments, like graduating school, getting married, or having children. Those are momentous occasions sure, but…

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