A Little Winter Gaming: 4 Games I’ve Played Recently


Persona 5

0.3Atlus doesn’t let you take screenshots of Persona 5, so here are some images of my fur baby instead.

Almost all of the games on this list are ventures outside of my comfort zone, especially this one. I’d never considered getting into JRPGs, but the premise of this game caught my attention straight away: you’re a high school student that infiltrates bad people’s psyches in order to battle metaphorical versions of themselves and offer them redemption in the real world. The idea of jumping between the mundane and the extraordinary, and living this heroic double life, really interested me. It seemed unlike any other narrative in video games. However I was unsure whether I’d like it- or even understand it- because the genre was so unfamiliar to me. I knew that it was a long game, and I feared that the gameplay would be too complex and I…

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