Heroes wanted: video games and the end of the world

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At the time of writing, news that the Coronavirus has now arrived in the UK has just made the headlines. It has spread to every region in China, infecting around 8,000 people and taking over 150 lives, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) is considering whether to declare an international public health emergency.

Open a newspaper, browse to a current affairs website or turn on the television and you can’t escape a report about the latest crisis we should all be afraid of. If the Coronavirus doesn’t get us, there’s the threat of a third world war amid escalating tensions between countries or a huge environmental disaster caused by our refusal to change our lifestyles. We’re balancing on a knife-edge while waiting to see which way we’re going to fall, and neither side looks particularly inviting.

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We exist in a growing environment of fear where it’s becoming ever more difficult…

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