Of static dungeon groups


I often mention static dungeon groups in my posts since I’m usually involved in at least one at a given moment. As far as WordPress’ search tells me I’ve never really talked about this style of gameplay as the topic for a post, however.

For as long as I’ve played MMORPGs, I’ve been playing with the same group of friends regularly, usually to tackle small-group challenges like dungeons, elite monsters in the open world or public events. This habit of adhoc or scheduled gametime with a circle of friends probably traces back to earlier hobbies tabletop rpgs and LAN gaming.

In World of Warcraft, when I started in the genre back in 2007, soloing was painful and slow unless you were a very knowledgeable and hardcore player. So it was natural that we’d group up in whatever number to do anything vaguely challenging. Often we’d help each other to clear…

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