Friendliness vs isolating mechanics in MMORPGs


How welcome are other player characters when you’re out and questing? Do you ever chip in to help fight or heal a stranger when out in the field? These are the questions I’m writing about in this blog post. I play MMORPGs almost exclusively because the game has that wider community dimension. Even if I’m mostly solo’ing in Everquest 2, or playing in a static dungeon group in World of Warcraft; it doesn’t stop me stopping and observing other players riding past on a fancy mount, or casting the odd ‘drive by buff’.

Boat = buff party

Beyond such superficial distractions or interactions, MMORPGs vary a lot in terms of whether they encourage you to be friendly to other players or to prefer playing in isolation. Older games positively discouraged joining a fight already under way, even penalising those who dared.  In Lord of the Rings Online, before the devs…

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