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Micki's Delirium

The last x number of weeks I’ve been posting for raids on Wednesdays and Saturdays on Orien server (check out Orien Raiding Discord). Saturday is the main raid night, with Wednesday as the second raid night. I usually want to run PN and THTH, after which I let the party suggest raids to run. I make my decision based on my own wants, but also on the difficulty of the raid and my experience in the interest in the raid in question – will I be able to fill the party and can we short man if we don’t? Here’s the list of raids I mostly do.

Project Nemesis

On Saturday I can fill 2 or 3 runs of this raid easily. I usually do hard, as elite is a lot more stressful and hard has better drop chances than normal. Hard is the default difficulty. On Wednesdays I…

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