The Legend of Zelda Chronology

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The Legend of Zelda. A game series that has gotten a reputation for a timeline that is maybe more confusing than the X-Men movies or the Kingdom Hearts game (maybe not Kingdom Hearts, that’s really confusing). Anyway, on The Nerdd we don’t go into storytelling very much, unless it’s for Dungeons & Dragons, but inspired by one of my favorite YouTube personalities of late (Brian David Gilbert of Polygon), I thought I could try to tell the story of TLoZ in chronological order. If you don’t know how bizarre the storyline is, allow BDG to begin the story below.

Throughout the article, images and quotes used are from the Official Zelda website.

The Beginning

According to ancient tales, the world was created by three goddesses: The goddess of power created the land, the goddess of wisdom created order, and the goddess of courage created life.


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