A Handful of Magic Items 16

Ready To Role

d4rz15f-9675c3dc-37f7-4948-a407-a0c8a6b8028fPicture Credit: BadAsNew

For the sixteenth article in this series I’ve decided to focus on rings! I love magical rings and other jewelry because I feel as though they have the most opportunity before them for magical effects. For this article in particular I wanted to work on some rings to use in combat, and even more specifically ones that react to the wearer taking damage or being near death. Take a look and leave thoughts and feedback in the comments!

Ring of Death Defiance (requires attunement)
While you wear this ring and roll a 20 on a death saving throw, in addition to regaining 1 hit point you also gain 6d6 temporary hit points and exude an aura of vitality for one minute.

While exuding an aura of vitality, you gain resistance to all damage and advantage on all saving throws. If a successful saving throw would have you…

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