Path of the Impaler (Barbarian)


Vlad Țepeș was the medieval ruler of Wallachia, a Romanian principality. Vlad’s strict legal code and penchant for violently colorful punishments earned him the name Vlad the Impaler. Though you may know him by another nickname: Dracula.

Path of the Impaler Barbarians follow in Dracula’s steps to enforce their code with ruthless displays of punishment.

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Path of the Impaler (Barbarian)

Unlike most barbarians, those who follow the Path of the Impaler are typically lawful. They inherit their barbarian moniker from the savage methods they employ to enforce their rigid structure.

Path of the Impaler Class Features

7thUpstanding Citizen
10thDeath Totem

Build Notes


Pulling straight from the Dracula mythos, our first subclass feature is Bloodlust. Full disclosure: Vlad the Impaler probably did not drink blood, but certainly had a thirst for…

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