A Paladin in Hell: Plate Armored Holy Warrior versus Barbed Devil

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Fred Fields modeled his cover art for A Paladin In Hell (1998) after a section of the classic full-page art of the same name on page 23 of the Player’s Handbook (1978), drawn by David C. Sutherland III.

Fields was far from the only artist to draw inspiration from this classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons art. Hack & Slash blog shows a number of examples.

The Paladins

Paladin - Players Handbook - David C Sutherland Sutherland’s Paladin

Paladin - in Hell - Players Handbook - Fred Fields Fields’ Paladin

The two Paladins are much alike, even down to fine details.

DSCN6088 Sutherland’s “A Paladin in Hell” is one of the few titled art pieces in early AD&D.

The Devils

Barbed Devil - Players Handbook - David C Sutherland Sutherland’s Barbed Devil

Barbed Devil - Paladin in Hell - Fred Fields Fields’ Barbed Devil

The Devils are quite different, though themes are retained, such as the barbed elbows, knees, and continuous barbs.

The Barbed Devil

Let’s compare Sutherland’s Barbed Devil with the illustration by another great D&D artist, David A. Trampier in the Monster Manual (1977)…

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  1. Hey thanks for the reblog. This was one of those spur-of-the-moment posts. Was putting A Paladin in Hell up for sale, decided to check my memory of the two pieces of art, and then realized I had the makings of an interesting blog post. One of my more popular posts recently.

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