Running D&D for Kids

Alex Kammer Writes

As a dad and an avid gamer, I guess it makes sense that I have ended up running a lot of D&D games for kids. I am also the Director of an increasingly large tabletop gaming convention. A feature of our show, Gamehole Con, is our flourishing Kids Track. These are games specifically for kids run be vetted GM’s that have experience running kids’ games.

More generally, I volunteer frequently at my kids’ schools and am a youth sports coach. I just flat out really enjoy working with kids. For all of these reasons, I have spent more than a bit of time thinking about the best ways to introduce roll playing games to kids. So, I thought I would pen my thoughts here on running D&D for kids, your own kids and others, with the hope that something I write here might prove useful.

Before I launch into my…

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