The Restless Dead Campaign Map (WHFRP)

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Restless Dead is a collection of adventures from White Dwarf magazine that have been connected together into a short campaign – along with a map that shows how they link together.

Except that the map was printed with full bleed, with the middle inch of the map effectively completely obscured by the spine of the book. While this wouldn’t bother me too much normally, I am running the game online and wanted to use the map as a handout to the group (because… well… if you use an actual map of the Empire for this adventure, the distance between Schoppendorf and Delberz is at least three times what is shown on this map, crosses the Talb river somewhere in the middle, and is roughly north by northwest instead of west. I also had to move the “River Delb” notation as it was on the Talabec).

So I took the…

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