Month: March 2020

Hoarding in MMORPGs #EQ2 #WoW

Originally posted on GamingSF:
Massively have a post from the 26 March discussing hoarding in MMORPGs. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about since as I have various inventory management troubles in different games that I play. This post isn’t about organising items though, it’s about what I keep and…

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Tattoos (Unearthed Arcana)

Originally posted on ThinkDM:
On March 26, 2019, Wizards of the Coast published Unearthed Arcana playtest material for Dungeons & Dragons including a new type of item: tattoos! These look really fun and flavorful, but the options are a little hard to digest when reading through the big narrative blocks…

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Raids week 166

Originally posted on Micki's Delirium:
Raids 166 were Wednesday March 18 and Saturday March 21. Wednesday 1. Project Nemesis LH The Wednesday group filled quickly and we were in and running the raid by 13 past 9 pm my time. Ositank was main tank, Forcystus Gish and Torimi laser.…

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