Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


What can I tell you?

I was stealth’en through Felucca’s dragon cave, and things began to get a bit antsy. A couple elder dragons got a whiff of my vampyre bloodline, and started tracking me. I knew then that it was time to hie thee hither to the old teleport stone.

“Vampire, did you come to prey upon our younglings?” a dragon asked before it began sucking up the air in the dungeon to spit back at me.

“I was just leaving,” I said, quite honestly. The teleport stone was less than a meter from me, but that wasn’t good enough for the dragons. Nope. A chaotic purple beam shot down at the stone just as I touched it, bewitching it.

I could feel the void open under my feet, and I dropped from Felucca’s bloodstained soil into nothing.

I woke in some inn, nestled into a lackluster bed. The…

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