10 games in my backlog I’d like to play in 2020

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A couple of weeks ago, there was much noise made among the blogosphere about giving love to one’s gaming backlog. I guess if we can’t find the time or energy to play these games, paying them lip service in a blog post is a good consolation prize, eh?

Oh, who am I to criticize, I do this sort of thing all of the time. In fact, I thought it’d be fun to go through my three digital platforms (Epic, Steam, and GOG) and pull out a total of 10 games that, time permitting, I’d like to actually play this year. Here we go!

#10 – Subnautica (Epic)

I’ve played this in the past, but I’ve never actually beaten the story mode, and that’s something I think I would really like to do. To date, Subnautica is the only survival game I’ve actually liked and played extensively.

#9 – Outer Wilds…

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