Revolt of the Dwarves: The Jim Holloway interior art in the 5th Endless Quest book (1983)

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The early D&D Endless Quest books were filled with line art from the great old school TSR artists. Most of these pieces will be unfamiliar to you, since TSR didn’t recycle the art endlessly (as was their modus operandi.)

DSCN6135 Unlike the interior art, the cover art by Larry Elmore was recycled.

Revolt of the Dwarves (Endless Quest Book 5: Dungeons & Dragons)
1983 … Rose Estes (author) & Larry Elmore (cover) & Jim Holloway (interior art)

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No effort was spared in this book. I counted Twenty-six (26!) pieces of full-page art by Jim Holloway, plus a two-page spread and several smaller sketches. Following are some samples:



DSCN6138 An encounter with a lizardman


DSCN6140 You are shrunk!



DSCN6144 This two-page spread could have been improved with larger margins at the binding

DSCN6145 A wood golem… and the results of one of…

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