Top 10 Games Played, February 2020

Board Game CrockPot

And..I’m back! As an accountant-by-day, the first couple months of the new year can be rough on time. Now, I’ve still been getting plenty of games played, but finding some review/writing time has been on the back-burner. I’ve been itching to get some posts out, though, so a report on some of my favorite plays from February 2020 sounds like a great place to start.

First, some statistics: In February, I managed to play 50 different games, of which thirteen were new to me. My most-played game in both # of plays and time was Marvel Champions: The Card Game (with 10 plays in February). Note: since I’m mentioning the game here, Marvel Champions will not be on my top 10 list — obviously, though, I really enjoy this living card game and have been having a blast.

In picking my February top 10, I focused on plays that really…

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