10 Tips for a First Time DM

The Nerdd

So, you are about to be the Dungeon Master (DM) for your first game of Dungeons & Dragons? Are you nervous? Of course you are! Should you be? Probably a little, yeah. There is a lot to running a game, and there are lots of aspects to it that you probably don’t even know yet, and won’t until you get behind that screen. However, you will be surprised by how much of it you can do already, and your players will love it. This game works best when you are a little nervous. Nervous means you care about the game, and you want it to go well. Nervous is good.

Here are several tips that you can hear from others all over the place, I’ve just compiled them for you.

Have Fun

This is the one we all knew was going to be here, so let’s just say it…

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