Time Domain (Cleric)


Did you know that there are FOURTEEN published Cleric subclasses? It makes it kind of hard to carve a niche. Thankfully, none of them are based around time! Which is perfect because I was really dying to make a d12 mechanic called “clockwork.” Let’s dive in and I’ll share my build notes!

Time Domain (Cleric)
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Time Domain (Cleric)

Time Domain Clerics make sure that things stay in order, and they aren’t past changing around time to make sure.

Time Domain Class Features

1stPocketwatch, Bonus Proficiencies, Circle of Time
2ndChannel Divinity: Timespin, Clockwork
6thChannel Divinity: Slow Magic
8thPotent Spellcasting
17thSwarm of the Covenant

Build Notes

Spell List

Thanks to twitter for help with the spell list, which went from this to this:

I erred on the side of cutting the spells which were native to the Cleric spell…

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