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Tomorrow is March 10th (Mar10, MarIO, Mario), which means that it’s National Mario Day! So I thought it would be fun to go through the history of the oldest surviving video game company.


September 23, 1889 was the day that Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Kyoto, Japan. Back in the day, before video games were created, they sold cards, and Nintendo was loosely translated to “Leave Luck to Heaven,” as the cards they sold, called Hanafuda cards, which were used for gambling. That’s right, Nintendo was essentially just the Bicycle Playing Cards of 1900s Japan.

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Fun fact, Nintendo actually still makes and sells Hanafuda cards, themed from Mario, as a nod to the company’s history.

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The company, as it grew more successful, ventured into other industries, such as food, (sex-based) hospitality, transportation, television, and more. Everything seemed to be going well, until the Tokyo Olympics of 1964…

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