Church of the Oracles in Onyx

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Coalbone dwarven clan are an isolated group of families in the Dormont Hills. Their priest caste all blacken their skin with makeup that stains them for weeks once removed and that acts as a slow poison that destroys their eyesight over a period of decades. The elder priests are all blind, and generally have stopped painting patterns of the black makeup on their skin, instead covering themselves roughly from head to toe.

Church of the Oracles in Onyx Church of the Oracles in Onyx

These elder priests, the “Oracles in Onyx”, tend to a small shrine hidden away in the hills and only known to important and elder members of the clan. They come here three times a year for the ritual of stone, where the Oracles in Onyx use the crystals of the Cinu Nagas to commune with the spirits of the ancient clanheads to comment on and influence the politics and actions of…

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