D&D 5E – Armor Class (AC)

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There are a lot of different things that can affect your character’s AC. New players sometimes struggle with this and even experienced players can sometimes get it wrong. Here is a checklist that might help.

How to calculate your Armor Class (AC)

First you calculate what armor class you get from your armor, then add your shield and lastly add any other bonuses or penalties you may have.

A) Figure your Base Armor Class. This depends on what type of armor you are wearing.

No Armor
• Start with 10.
• Add your Dexterity Modifier. Note that this can be a negative number.
• If you are a Barbarian you also add your Constitution Modifier.
• If you are a Monk you also add your Wisdom Modifier.
This total will be your base armor class.

Light Armor
• Start with your Dexterity Modifier. Note that this can be a negative…

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