GATEWAY TO ADVENTURE: TSR’s Classic Games Catalog (1980 & 1981)

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Today’s photoshoot features a glimpse into the early days of RPGs. TSR’s Gateway to Adventure catalogs reveal the best of their old school games: D&D, AD&D, Gamma World, Top Secret, and so many more.

Catalogs available in the shop


1980 Gateway to Adventure cover detail

The 1980 “Demon Door” catalog is 8 pages in length. It is much more rare than the 1981 edition.

DSCN6241 A collage of TSR’s product line for 1980

DSCN6242 White Box D&D, Holmes Basic, Boot Hill, Gamma World, and Top Secret

DSCN6243 AD&D Players Handbook, Monster Manual, and DM Screen

DSCN6244 C Series modules for AD&D

DSCN6245 Boardgames: Dungeon, Warlocks & Warriors, Awful Green Things From Outer Space. And Suspicion, which I’d never heard of before today.

DSCN6246 More boardgames: Divine Right, Knights of Camelot, Lankhmar, and Fight in the Skies.


1981 Gateway to Adventure cover detail

1981 Gateway to Adventure catalogs in the shop

Printing Alert!

Printings comparison - page 9

Zenopus Archives alerted me to watch for different printings of the 1981 catalog.

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