The Hydra’s Alehouse

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Hydra’s Alehouse is the reason that every other inn and tavern in town has something positive going for them. If you ask townfolk for the best thing about “the Hydra” the standard responses are “the stables” (for an establishment without stables) or “the sheer quality and quantity of lice – all at good prices!”

The Hydra's Alehouse The Hydra’s Alehouse

Deveras the innkeeper is the filthiest and most bedraggled of elves. Like a sick beanstalk, his six foot frame is always bent, his lanky hair hanging down into food and drink alike. The food lives down to the reputation of the establishment, and the ale is watered down using the water from the cistern in the basement… a cistern that definitely isn’t isolated enough from the filthy tavern to avoid being contaminated with “second hand ale” as it were.

Upstairs from the tavern are Deveras’ room to the left, and two cut-rate…

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