Sandshifter (Sorcerer)


Elemental sorcerers seem such a natural fit. But for some reason, elemental always means fire. In order to break that trope, here’s a sorcerer that draws their power from the Elemental Plane of Earth! Let’s dig in…

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Sandshifter (Sorcerer)

I dug in the desert for 40 years and never found much but sand. I can’t quite remember how it happened. What called me there. Why I dug in that spot. The assuring clink of my shovel was the bell that tolled that life.

I am the earth now. I know its power.

Sandshifter Class Features

1stEarthen Kit, Pocket Sand
6thHead on the Ground

Build Notes

Spell List

While extra spell lists aren’t standard for sorcerers, there’s been a trend in that direction in a lot of the recent playtest sorcerers, and players love…

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