My virtual tabletop gaming tips


I’m starting to see discussions online about replacing, short-term at least, round the table roleplaying (rpg) sessions with virtual ones. It’s a sad reality that “social distancing” is becoming a necessity in many countries, and that will inevitably impact the rpg gaming hobby as well. Personally, I’ve gamed more through virtual tabletops than in-person for years now, because the friends and family that I play Dungeons & Dragons, Starfinder or other rpgs with live in different towns from me. As an aside I’ve also accumulated a lot of experience in teleconferencing tech, having worked for years now in IT for international organisations. There’s a clear overlap here, so I’m sharing a few thoughts in this post that are relevant to virtual tabletop gaming.

Firstly some definitions for clarity, when I write virtual tabletop here I mean broadly any software used to replace the face-to-face experience of traditional rpg gaming. Recently…

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