I want WildStar back

Bio Break

A decade or so ago, I still labored under the impression that there should be one be-all, end-all MMORPG for me, and if I could just find it, I’d stay in it forever and that would be everything I needed. The lesson disabusing me of that notion took a long time to come about, but eventually I realized that — as with non-MMOs, books, movies, TV shows, and all forms of entertainment — it’s not healthy to stick with just one thing forever. There’s burnout and boredom lurking at the corners, and when I fully embraced diversifying my time in online games, I became a more content and well-rounded gamer.

So my fondest wish of a be-all, end-all MMO changed into a different wish as I grew older: That the many MMOs I enjoyed would stick around for a good long while so that I could cycle in and out…

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