Saga of Old City: The Clyde Caldwell Art in Gary Gygax’s first Greyhawk novel

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All the art – cover and interior – in Saga of Old City is by Clyde Caldwell. I love how the old school TSR books had illustrations in the interior, really adds flavor to the book. This isn’t random stock art. Each is tied to a scene in the book.

It was Gary Gygax’s first Gord the Rogue novel. Several more would follow, even after Gygax left TSR.


Saga of Old City (Greyhawk Adventures #1)
1985 … Gary Gygax & Clyde Caldwell (art) … 352 pages … TSR 8240 … ISBN 0880382570

Wherein Gord learns his trade in the ‘beggars’ guild’, and later travels, having a variety of swashbuckling adventures.

Gord the Rogue books in the shop

Greyhawk in the shop

DSCN6350 Saga of Old City kicks off with a map of the Flanaess. The cartography is uncredited.

DSCN6351 The Beggarmaster

DSCN6352 Violet, in her disguise as the courtesan Penora

DSCN6353 Sea serpent

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