Top 12 games I liked more on my second playthrough

Corrupt Save File

I am all up for a good challenge. Without it, it is hard to evolve as a person or find enthusiasmin a video game for example. Creativity can help, but this is where I hit a 50 foot wall. With Casper’s latest challenge, I have been staring at a blank slate for days not even knowing what to do with it. The first bloody time he tries to be nice to me with these challenges (most likely due to me making my own page), is when he truly got me!

I rarely change my opinion about a game for the more positive. In fact, its more likely that I find them ageing for the worse, and I am not sure if it is because I have become more mature or cynical. Perhaps a combination of both. Although, there are definitely certain games I did enjoy on my second attempt, for…

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