Vault of Skushuut, the Baleblight Ravager

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Once a paladin of renown, Skushuut locked himself away with his treasures when the dragon transformations began to overtake him. His greed and envy for gold and treasures not only pulled him from grace, but rewrought his body into something else.

Vault of Skushuut, the Baleblight Ravager Vault of Skushuut, the Baleblight Ravager

Locked in his vault for twenty years now, the transformation has never completed – the Ravager underestimated how much treasure was required and consumed every last coin and gem in the vault. He failed to leave enough treasure to bask in and sleep on, and the dragon transformation has instead warped and twisted him into something… else.

But no one knows that the treasure is all consumed now. And the key to the Vault has slipped into the hands of someone almost as greedy but far more cautions than Skushuut…

Measuring at 3″ x 5″, this map is meant to be printed on…

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