De-Magnify Gravity


I was checking out the new Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount when I came across an absolute gem: Magnify Gravity.

Magnify Gravity Spell

This spell is awesome! Super flavorful, must-take spell. Like, maybe the best spell. Anytime I start thinking “must take” a red flag goes up that gives me concern something might be overtuned.

Now, there are plenty of good reasons something might be overtuned. There’s legacy (Fireball), spicier versions of bland spells (Zephyr Strike vs. Longstrider), and spells that are isolated to and essential to the flavor of a class (Warlock’s Eldritch Blast).

This spell falls in the last category. It’s listed as only available to the Graviturgist subclass for the Wizard. In fact, there’s even a big warning label slapped on the side of all the Dunamancy spells:

Dunamancy for Non-Dunamancers

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the Magnify Gravity spell otherwise. D&D lead Rules Designer Jeremy…

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