Sentimental character actions


Some days, when I have other gaming plans, I log into Everquest 2 for a really short session just to check on Overseer missions, check my broker sales, the usual character ‘admin’ type stuff. But I rarely if ever forget to cast summon Food & Water. It’s not like he needs mana or health regen sat in New Halas’ mind, but it feels wrong to play even a few minutes on him without giving him some sustenance. He can conjure it in endless supply so it’s not wasting money to do so.

Rubbish food but its free, right?

On a similar vein, I feel bad if I play my main in Neverwinter without invoking to the gods at least once on every other character of appropriate level. It’s a couple of minutes to switch between them, but at least they’ve gotten something out of my gameplay session.

Always time for…

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