Set sail for adventure #DDO


Fresh from the unlock of content for all players, our DDO trio static tackled the Sentinels of Stormreach chain over the weekend. This set of four related quests took our party across farflung locales in Eberron as we set sail for adventure. I particularly enjoyed this story arc as it ties into one of the Dragonmarked Houses – the titular sentinels of House Deneith.

/em hitches a lift

The Bargain of Blood quest, set in a pirate market, was a really interesting setting for a MMO quest. Dungeons & Dragons Online really piles on the atmosphere and character with its set piece dungeons.

A market, complete with magical announcers

The layered marketplace offered plenty of opportunities to indulge my passion for climbing and exploring all the corners of a map. With ramps, ladders, side sections and opponents who attacked us from all sides, and all levels.

“I’ll shoot from up…

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