DIVINE RIGHT: TSR’s early boardgame with RPG inspiration and that beautiful map (1979)

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“While designing DIVINE RIGHT we kept several goals in mind. We wanted

  1. an attractive game that did not require bushels of counters,
  2. to use in a board game well-defined non-player characters — something normally found only in a role-playing game,
  3. an easy-to-learn basic game strong enough to support interesting elaborations,
  4. a diplomatic as well as a military game that was as easily played by two as by several,
  5. a simple movement/combat system which still allowed intelligent strategy and maneuvers,
  6. an interesting system of magic that went beyond the limitations of rival fantasy games,
  7. an imagination-inspiring map with logical geography and rich terrain,
  8. to create a stage for heroics, craft, surprises and rapid turnabouts, and
  9. a fast, sustained pace allowing the game to be begun and completed in a few hours time.

“Divine Right Design Notes” – Glenn and Kenneth Rahman (Dragon Magazine, issue 27 [July 1979])

For the moment, we…

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