EGX Rezzed 2020: a virtual round-up

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EGX Rezzed usually takes place in either March or April each year. Thousands of gamers hit the rooms at the Tobacco Dock in London to play video games all weekend and talk to their creators on the show floor, as well as attend developer sessions, get careers advice and have their portfolios reviewed.

Sadly though, the organisers announced that the event scheduled for 26-28 March 2020 would be postponed. CORVID-19 is having a huge impact on the world and with just under 2,000 confirmed cases in the UK at the time of writing, everyone is understandably concerned. As stated on the website: “Maintaining social distancing is neither feasible at, nor in the spirit of, the interactive and community nature of Rezzed. It is the community that makes Rezzed so special and it is our duty to make sure that your safety comes first.”

I’m glad this is the outcome…

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