Hoarding in MMORPGs #EQ2 #WoW


Massively have a post from the 26 March discussing hoarding in MMORPGs. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about since as I have various inventory management troubles in different games that I play. This post isn’t about organising items though, it’s about what I keep and why. I’m not a “lost cause” hoarder by nature, if I do keep things a long time it’s usually because of forgetfulness. I have no problem with getting rid of things normally.

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But in MMORPGs there are certain types of items that I tend to keep way past their usefulness, hence this list:

1) Crafting materials

I generally enjoy crafting in most MMORPGs at least to dabble. I like my characters to have a measure of self-sufficiency at least at the ‘account’ level. That is to say I’d only have one alchemist in a given game who can supply all my characters…

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