Roundtable Discussion: How Gaming Changed, 2010-2020


As we leap forth into a brand new decade that’s sure to be brimming with lots of gaming goodness, we here at Virtual Bastion thought we’d take a moment to look back on how gaming has evolved over the course of the last decade. From the bells of New Year’s Day 2010 to the final toasty beverage sips of 2019, the game industry forged multiple paths, navigated the lines between new and old, and provided players with an abundance of memorable experiences. While the 2010s in gaming were marked with stratospheric highs and divisive lows, a lot can be said for the amount of innovation and experimentation in gaming that occurred over ten years. Virtual reality became a reality, indie games became just games, and many folks pushed boundaries in attempting to answer the biggest question of all: what is a video game?

There’s lots to discuss as the three…

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