Cerge 10.0

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I’ve been playing Maidae for a while and left Cerge at cap. I figured it was time to look at Cerge’s next life/ next build. I had planned to do his past lives in sphere order, but warlock messed that up. I’m continuing my current plan, though, but will have to do warlock and later alchemist at some point to reach completionist.

For Cerge’s next life I wanted to do rogue. This is basically his arti build translated into a 17/2/1 rogue/arti/barbarian, which I figured I would do when Maidae hits cap. The plan is to do inquisitive again.

This is the lite planner, see: Character Builder Lite

Cerge 10.0 17/2/1 Rogue/Artificer/Barbarian True Neutral Shadar-kai Level Order 1. Rogue 6. Rogue 11. Rogue 16. Rogue 2. Artificer 7. Rogue 12. Rogue 17. Rogue 3. Barbarian 8. Rogue 13. Rogue 18. Rogue 4. Rogue 9. Rogue 14. Rogue 19. Rogue 5…

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