The Life of a Game Designer – Part 4: The Game Makers Guild

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I join a craftsman league, like the Masons except nerdier, and I meet a new hero.

I did my best to ignore all the usual self-sabotage attempts that I unleashed upon myself during my plane ride home from Philly. After another restless night at home, I was anxious and apprehensive for what the day would bring. Fortunately, I was still enthusiastic when I awoke the next morn. In the past, I usually convince myself that the whole plan is fruitless and give up before I’d even begun.

GMG Logo Every good guild needs a logo.

But this time, I sense of desperation is driving my need to succeed. I simply must have a plan in place within the next three to five years. But right now I have the start of a plan and only time will tell if it works or if it is yet another abysmal failure.

While at PAX…

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