Podcasts & Youtubers I follow regularly #Blapril2020


I’ve written before about the Podcasts that I try to listen to regularly, mainly relating to tabletop roleplaying games. Those mentioned in the linked post still stand, though I’d add a few new podcasts that I find particularly enjoyable.

We Speak Common

I really enjoy the insightful discussions this pair of UK-based D&D Dungeonmasters bring to the hobby. Lots of advice about the craft of running the game and good humour besides.


These are long episodes so I don’t always manage to keep up with them, but the two regular hosts, Greg & Shelly, are very entertaining to listen to, plus as an official podcast they get a really great selection of guests for their various segments.

Beyond podcasts, I also spend some time watching various Youtubers who talk about tabletop gaming topics:

Seth Skorkowsky

This Youtuber and author produces detailed video reviews of tabletop rpg modules, mostly…

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