GREYHAWK WARS: Mass Combat across the Flanaess (1991)

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Greyhawk Wars kicks off with that fantastic cover art by Roger Raupp. A frequent artist in Dragon Magazine and Polyhedron, Raupp did relatively few works in (A)D&D sets and modules.

Cleared out some extra Greyhawk Wars sets I had in storage today. Opening them up for listing photos… well, I just kept on shooting.

“From the mad Malachite throne in Rauxes to the bejeweled city of Chendl, the Flanaess is at war! In the east, Overking Ivid V thirsts for conquest. Meanwhile, the Great God of the North unites the barbarians and Fists. And in the south, the Scarlet Brotherhood pulls the strings of war like a mad puppeteer…” – advertisement in Dungeon Magazine, issue 33 (Jan/Feb 1992)

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