Introverting, gaming, and COVID-19

Bio Break

I have deliberately refrained from talking about the COVID-19 outbreak and societal isolation because, well, it’s everywhere, it’s stressing people out, and I do try to keep this a light and fluffy gaming blog. Suffice to say that the past three weeks have been like living in a different world that’s similar but not quite to what we used to have.

One topic that I’ve seen raised, first jokingly and then seriously, is that introverts are having an easier time of this social distancing and quarantining than extroverts. I haven’t seen any introverts get truly mean with this, but I have witnessed more than a few self-satisfied remarks about how we were far more prepared to be cut off from civilization than all of the chatty, touchy, groupy people. Heck, I might have made a few of these myself, but never to be nasty about it.

And I think it’s…

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