The Vault of Dahlver-Nar

Dyson's Dodecahedron

It isn’t like the Vault of Dahlver-Nar was ever lost… more the opposite – everyone with reason to know where it is knew, and enough books and documentation exists to pinpoint it for anyone who feels the need to visit it. And thus it has been ignored for decade after decade for who would put anything of value in a place so well known?

The Vault of Dahlver-Nar The Vault of Dahlver-Nar

Of course, that was before the recent recovery of several of the legendary teeth of Dahlver-Nar. Now people are on the hunt for clues to the locations of more. And there is talk that there might be more than just clues in the vault – there may be a disguised tooth squirreled away here somewhere…

Measuring at 3″ x 5″, this map is meant to be printed on an index card. My goal is to put together a small collection of index…

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