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In our D&D group, I’m taking a turn at the reins as Dungeon Master. I chose White Plume Mountain, a conversion of the AD&D classic module to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, found in Tales From the Yawning Portal.

WPM is an old school “puzzle and trap dungeon”. I’ve heard it called Tomb-of-Horrors-lite.

We’re playing it on Roll20 virtual tabletop, and I bought their pre-made version for my convenience. I’m a busy guy, and having all the monster tokens and dungeon effects pre-placed was worth $5 to me.

S2 frontThough I’m running this in 5e, I have a copy of the original White Plume Mountain module to supplement the material, especially the fantastic art in module S2.


This is a session recap. There will be spoilers. Obviously.

Product links are affiliate links. Throw a few coins in my direction; doesn’t cost you anything.

White Plume Mountain graphic

The party (all…

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