Red fens adventure #DDO


We’ve continued our party-of-three adventures in Dungeons & Dragons Online this weekend with two sessions running the instances accessible from the Red Fens wilderness adventure area. This swampy area has a lot of details to it apart from the dungeons it gives access to, but with limited time for play we chose to focus mainly on the quests given by the friendly Drow in the area – a series of four different instanced dungeons.

Quest givers ahoy!

Swamp zones can be rather one-note in character, flora and fauna. If you’ve fought a dozen crocodiles and giant spiders already you can get bored pretty quickly. Although Red Fens certainly has its share of giant spiders (ick!), it has some pretty fantastical opponents too, true to the games Dungeons & Dragons roots.

Some of them are actually quite vicious as well, the will-o’-wisps in particular with their lighting bolt attacks can…

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