Blapril 2020: Coming up with topic ideas for your gaming blog

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Keeping a blog alive isn’t just about writing and promoting, it’s about idea generation. Everyone may have three or four really good ideas for posts, but after those are written up, what then? You gotta keep ideas coming and need to have them be interesting enough to both write and read about.

And that can be tough, especially at first. Going from not writing at all to churning out daily posts is a Herculean undertaking for most starting bloggers, which is why I’m not surprised we see some people flee back into obscurity at the end of these blog initiatives. But then there are those who get in the habit of generating and cultivating ideas, and once you get that process locked down — coming up with ideas, writing about ideas, and promoting posts — then you’ll have a system that is much easier to sustain.

So where to get…

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