Raid on Nightmare Castle: The Jim Holloway interior art in the 14th Endless Quest book (1983)

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Nine books later, and the copyright date is still 1983. TSR was cranking out these Endless Quest books! No matter. At least in the art department, they weren’t skimping.

I earlier posted the wonderful Jim Holloway interior art in Endless Quest #5: Revolt of the Dwarves. The art in EQ14 – Raid on Nightmare Castle is even better, in my opinion. By my count, there are 23 unique pieces by Holloway in EQ14. Remember, this isn’t generic art: Each ties directly into the story. That had to be a bit of work.

I’ll post a few, and you can judge for yourself.

DSCN6632 Cover by Jeff Easley

Raid on Nightmare Castle (Endless Quest Book 14: Dungeons & Dragons)
1983 … Catherine McGuire … TSR 8514 … ISBN 0880381019

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Raid on Nightmare Castle at Amazon



Holloway’s Orcs


DSCN6639 A spider preps the human orphan Kyol into…

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